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Read our response to the recent news of Bafetimbi Gomis’ on pitch collapse

On Wednesday 4 March 2015, whilst playing against Tottenham Hotspur F.C. at White Hart Lane, Bafetimbi Gomis’ fainted, due to vasovagal syncope (VVS).

STARS Founder & CEO, Trudie Lobban MBE, said: “STARS strongly believes that no faint is simple and that each faint should not be passed off as a ‘funny turn’. Whilst Bafetimbi Gomis has fainted several times before, STARS would always advise patients not to look at their faints in isolation, as they often follow a pattern. If blackouts take place in similar circumstances or environments, i.e. during or shortly after exercise, it is important for further investigations to take place. The results of these investigations will help ascertain whether faints could be linked to an underlying heart rhythm disorder like Long QT or Brugada Syndrome – conditions which might increase the risk of an individual suffering from a sudden cardiac arrest.”

“Even though it is a common condition, people presenting with VVS should always have their ECG read by a heart rhythm specialist, to decide whether there is an underlying cardiac cause. The STARS Blackouts Checklist explains more.”

Please contact for further information.

Click here for further information about vasovagal syncope.

You can download the STARS Blackouts Checklist here.

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Diploma in Syncope and Related Disorders at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

For Medical Professionals

This course is the initiative of STARS Trustee, Professor Rose Ann Kenny and Dr Conal Cunningham.
Already the positive feedback and uptake is more than encouraging. Syncope Units must be the way forward for the future and for anyone whose hospital is considering this then early registration of interest for 2015 is recommended.

Find out more


Bradley Oliver's Christmas Cookie Appeal

A massive congratulations and thank you to 11 year old Bradley Oliver from Devon who has raised an amazing £1,302.38 for STARS through his Christmas Cookie Appeal. Bradley decided to raise money for STARS to say thank you for the support both himself and his Mum Katrina have received.

Bradley spent over a month baking his delicious cookies and selling them to people in his local area.

We cannot thank Bradley enough here at STARS, his hard work, dedication and fantastic support really is an inspirations to others.

Support your local support group or start one of your own.

If you would like to gain information and advice from your local support group click here

If you would like to start a support group please click here to register your interest with Daisy


Join the new Syncope Community

Through recent and on-going issues with access to our Yahoo Forum, STARS has made the difficult decision to replace Yahoo with a new forum – HealthUnlocked. STARS HealthUnlocked is free to join and messages are published immediately on posting.

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