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Man whose heart stopped beating 817 times in a single month, and why TV presenter Matt's story is a dramatic warning to us all

14 April 2014,
On the first day of my summer holiday I was standing outside a bar, drinking with friends. Everyone was laughing and joking, looking forward to a brilliant week in Spain. But something was wrong. And I knew what was going to happen.

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Fainting and near-fainting both end the same: close is good enough in terms of your health

14 April 2014,
When it comes to typing search terms into Google, a close-enough spelling often leads to the exact same results as the perfect phrase. Now, a new study conducted by hospital researchers found the same may be true of fainting.

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Alexa Ray Joel collapses onstage during sold-out concert, says fainting was due to vasovagal syncope

14 April 2014,
The singer-songwriter collapsed onstage during her sold-out show at the Café Carlyle in New York City on Saturday night.

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The five swimmers have raised £2,800

25 March 2014, This is local London
Five girls, who are members of Waltham Forest Swimming Club, also known as the Gators, took it in turns to swim for an hour at a time in aid of the Syncope Trust and Reflex Anoxic Seizures charity (STARS).

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Liz’s hitchhike challenge across Europe for pal

1 April 2014, Yorkshire Evening Post
Leeds student Liz Egan, 21, is hitchhiking across Europe in the annual Leeds Jail Break challenge for the STARS charity.

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St. Jude Medical Announces Start of European Post-Approval Trial for Nanostim Leadless Pacemaker

19 March 2014, The Wall Street Journal
Large European clinical trial to continue building evidence supporting strong safety profile and performance of the world's first leadless pacemaker.

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Mum’s poetic payback to blackouts charity

17 March 2014, Sleaford Standard
A thirty-year battle to get a diagnosis for a debilitating heart disorder has inspired an Ancaster woman to embark on a charity poetry marathon.

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Dorset County Hospital patients set to benefit from new pacemaker technology

03 March 2014, Dorset Echo
Consultant cardiologist Dr Tim Edwards has performed the first implantation in the UK of the new hi-tech Kora 100 pacing system.

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AliveCor launches expert ECG analysis service

5 March 2014, AliveCor
Users in the UK and Ireland can now receive analysis of their heart health from UK-based cardiac physiologists in 24 hours via their mobile devices.

Patients can continue to share their ECG recordings for analysis with either their own doctor via email or through
AliveCor’s free Provider Dashboard.

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Risk stratification of adult emergency department syncope patients to predict short-term serious outcomes after discharge (RiSEDS) study

7 March 2014, 7th Space Interactive
While Canadian ED physicians discharge most syncope patients with no specific further follow-up, approximately 5% will suffer serious outcomes after ED discharge.

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