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Free postage on Mrs Muamba's taster pack!

March 2015, STARS
STARS has been gifted an exclusive coupon code from the team at Mrs Muamba’s! Simply add the coupon code ‘AA’ at checkout to benefit from free postage on delicious Mrs Muamba's taster pack (RRP £12.50).

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Read the response of the STARS Medical Advisory Committee on recent news article on PoTS

March 2015
STARS has received many enquiries following the release of this recent news item about PoTS patient Sara Brautigam. In response to these enquiries, the STARS Medical Advisory Committee would like to issue this statement on behalf of STARS:

“Whilst the footage shown in this news item is alarming, Sarah does not “die” in the video. It is important to note that PoTS alone was not responsible for the episodes recorded in this video."

Why do children faint?

4 March 2015,
Syncope is common and can be a warning sign of a structural or electrical abnormality in the heart

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I died 36 times in one year

6 March 2015. Doncaster Free Press
In 2012 alone medics classified Sara as being clinically dead on 36 occasions due to a rare condition that causes her heart to stop beating.

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Swansea striker's alarming incident at Tottenham Hotspur was due to a 'vasovagal' condition

5 March 2015,The Telegraph
A Swansea spokesman explained Bafetimbi Gomis' collapse early in the Tottenham-Swansea match as being caused by a "vasovagal condition", and said that he had suffered from it several times before. Gomis's collapse was due to a vasovagal syncope.

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Cold Sweat, Dizziness and Fainting could be a serious symptom of a Heart Rhythm Disorder

4 March 2015, Greater Kashmir
Mr H Z 62 year old gentleman had an episode of sweating followed by dizziness and transient loss of consciousness.

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‘Nervous system disorders not diagnosed properly’

16 February 2015,
The first Indian to deliver the T.S. Srinivasan Endowment Oration on Saturday, Christopher J. Mathias, focused on the challenges of autonomic dysfunction, and traced the formation, development and growth of autonomic medicine over the last four decades.

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Woman who got new lease of life from her pacemaker liked it so much she flew her DOG by private plane to get a matching one for £3,500

20 February 2015, Mail Online
A pet owner with a heart condition was so pleased with her new pacemaker that she spent £3,500 to get a matching one for her dog.

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Diploma in Syncope and Related Disorders at the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland

For Medical Professionals
This course is the initiative of STARS Trustee, Professor Rose Ann Kenny and Dr Conal Cunningham.
Already the positive feedback and uptake is more than encouraging. Syncope Units must be the way forward for the future and for anyone whose hospital is considering this then early registration of interest for 2015 is recommended.

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Judi Smith and her daughter Hannah have been raising awareness on BBC Radio 4 this week.

26 January 2015, BBC 4 Radio
Hannah has PoTS and EDS, is a Physics student, and speaks here about the challenges about moving away from home to University and studying.

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