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"I have got my life back" - heart patient's delight at new pacemaker

27 April 2015, Daily echo
A heart patient from Poole has credited a new kind of pacemaker for a significant improvement in his health.

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Caffeinated Energy Drink Triggers Heart Arrhythmia, Saves Life

18 April 2015
Nutrition Review

For a teenage boy in England, drinking a highly caffeinated beverage at a gym set off a heart problem he didn’t know he had, according to a newly published report of the case in the journal BMJ Case Reports.

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Selma Blair, leading American actress, is announced as STARS new celebrity patron.

STARS is delighted and excited to welcome star of US film and TV Selma Blair as our new celebrity patron. Selma, aged 42, has been appointed as STARS global ambassador for children diagnosed with reflex anoxic seizures (RAS). Thanking Selma for accepting our invitation, Trudie Lobban MBE FRCP(Edin), STARS Founder and CEO said “ With such a warm spirit we know that she will support our work to advance awareness and education around RAS”

Read the story behind this announcement in the new issue of Take STARS to Heart, which will be posted shortly. To ensure that you receive a copy through your door, become a Friend of STARS today. Click here for more information on how you can become a STARS Friend.

Medtronic's Micra TPS: Smallest Pacemaker to Win CE Mark - Analyst Blog

16 April 2015, Nasdaq

Medical device major Medtronic plc 's MDT next generation leadless pacing technology - the Micra Transcatheter Pacing System (TPS) - recently won the CE (Conformité Européenne) Mark. With a size less than one tenth of that of conventional pacemakers, the Micra TPS is the smallest pacemaker till date

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Dr Bente Hansen, Clinical Psychologist from the University of Hull has researched and written a paper on Psychogenic Blackouts.

April 2015, University of Hull

Have you been diagnosed with ‘psychogenic syncope or blackouts’? Have you been told or do you think that ‘it is all in your head’?

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Frequent Fainting: a Sign of Autonomic Nervous System Trouble?

April 2015, U.S. News

An estimated 500,000 to 3 million Americans have postural tachycardia syndrome, a disorder of the autonomic nervous system that causes people to experience an excessive increase in their heart rate when they stand.

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Smart Phones: The Future of Cardiac Monitors?

April 2015, HCPLive

AliveCor cardiac monitors, which record and transmit cardiac rhythms to a smart phone, are inexpensive and readily available devices that should be further explored.

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Free postage on Mrs Muamba's taster pack!

March 2015, STARS
STARS has been gifted an exclusive coupon code from the team at Mrs Muamba’s! Simply add the coupon code ‘AA’ at checkout to benefit from free postage on delicious Mrs Muamba's taster pack (RRP £12.50).

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Read the response of the STARS Medical Advisory Committee on recent news article on PoTS

March 2015
STARS has received many enquiries following the release of this recent news item about PoTS patient Sara Brautigam. In response to these enquiries, the STARS Medical Advisory Committee would like to issue this statement on behalf of STARS:

“Whilst the footage shown in this news item is alarming, Sarah does not “die” in the video. It is important to note that PoTS alone was not responsible for the episodes recorded in this video."

Why do children faint?

4 March 2015,
Syncope is common and can be a warning sign of a structural or electrical abnormality in the heart

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